noun; a group of people with shared professions, interests, or acquaintances

The Circle looks to bring together certified interpreters who are looking for quality educational opportunities to maintain their professional skills, and to continue growing in a supportive community.

The Circle is for YOU, if:

  1. You want quality interpreter education by experts in the teaching of interpretation without registering for each class.
  2. You want to grow your business of interpretation and explore possibilities for your services and expertise.
  3. You want to maintain your skills and brush up on your techniques.
  4. You want to thrive in a safe and supportive environment.



  • Master Classes, retreats, and Special Guests are SPREAD OUT throughout the calendar year.
  • A value of $2,500 in CEUs and learning material ONLY for $87.00 A MONTH
  • The CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP is like having QUALITY CONFERENCE MATERIAL, but without traveling and missing days from work and family time!
  • Peace of mind and NO WASTING TIME surfing the Internet looking for qualifying CEUs.
  • All our Master Classes and Retreats fulfill CEUs requirements for certified medical and court interpreters.
  • An OPPORTUNITY to keep upleveling your career with expert business coaching and mentoring.

Questions? email us at [email protected] 

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